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Image Database


We possess a vast archive on various wars, most notably the First and Second World War :

  • hours and hours of historical film (b&w and in color),
  • thousands of photographs (b&w and in color),
  • audio recordings,
  • witness accounts and still images,
  • reconstructions of various battles, including material from the period
Our vast database is ever growing to better meet your needs.
95% of our archives are completely free of copyrights. Therefore, you need not worry about having to negociate any rights of author. Once you buy the archives, you can reuse them as much as your you'd like for all your projects without having to repay anything!
Another advantage of using copyright free archives : the fiscal advantage! Since the documents are free of rights, you can write them off on your taxes.
Archives de Guerres, the only European entity to offer you unedited archives, free of copyrights and at affordable prices!
The purchased product comes in the following format (your choice) :
  • K7 Betacam Sp or DVcam for film broadcast, K7 VHS with Time Code encrusted, all format encoding for films,
  • Reproduction of negatives, photographic prints or digital files,

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Document Research





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We do research on films & photographs (copyright free) on all major events of the 20th Century.

The research of these copyright free documents takes place in the United States or Canada and is factured by quanties of days.

One day's worth of research includes the reproduction of photographs in high quality (TIFF, 300 DPI) and / or the copy of reels of tape onto VHS cassettes alongs with their english descriptions.

Upon our return, the photographs are rendered on CD-ROMs along with english translations (when applicable).

The films are rendered on VHS cassettes. After your viewing, you have the choice of ordering the reels of tape of your choice on master Betacam SP Pal at an additional cost.

The images are imported by reels of tape (complete). Each tape lasts between 4 to 10 minutes, depending on the subject.

Price for one days worth of research  :  600€

This price includes the day spent doing research in the USA and in France, along with the cost of travelling, shipping and misc. expenses.

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