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You can send us a list of requested images by mail or by fax. Research of these documents in our database conducted by us is free of charge. Response to your inquiry varies from one day to one week, depending upon the nature of the demande or it's urgency.


To get a preview of some of our images, we supply a VHS cassette with a time-code which will help you to make a selection

Price of one VHS cassette with time-code (60 minutes maximum)
45 €

Supplier of the Master

To obtain the master Betacam PAL, you must submit a list of selected items from the VHS cassette. We also need the time-codes and the reference of the VHS cassette. We produce the master by copying the selected extracts and by adding a second before and after the selections.

Price of our films :

Price for one minute of b&w images
295 €
Price for one minute of images in color
495 €

Technical charges :
Cassette Betacam SP PAL .30 €
Master packages by the hour :
80 €

Purchase Order

Before receiving the images on Betacam SP cassette, you must sign and return our « Bon pour accord » or « End User Agreement ». All images are copyright FREE; therefore, you can keep the master and use it as many times as you'd like!

Importation of films

We have access to reels of tape uniquely available on VHS cassette. If these images interess you, we can import them directly from the United States on Betacam SP PAL. All images are imported by complete reels of tape because it is impossible to transfer extracts of film by digital camera. Each reel of tape last between 4 to 10 minutes.
Expect a delay of 1 to 3 weeks to receive the master in France.

Price of importing a reel of tape on Betacam
250 to 400 €

All images sold have neither logo nor cresent mark present.
All images delivered on Betacam SP are factured.

Tariff of photographic archives


Our photographs concern mainly with the First & Second World War.

Supplier of photographs

To obtain our high quality photographs, you can contact us either by mail or telephone (be sure to include the reference of the photograph).
You will have to complete our « Bon pour accord » or «End User Agreement » before receiving our photographs either by mail, FTP server or on CD-ROM.

Price for one b&w photograph
80 €
Price for one photograph in color
100 €

All photographs are delivered in TIFF, 300 DPI, MAC or PC.